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Travel to the Dominican Republic for Plastic Surgery

If you live outside of the Dominican Republic, it is easy to make arrangements to have your plastic surgery performed by Doctor Redondo. Dominican Republic is one of the great destinations of the world, therefore travel to our facility and accommodations are easily made by our staff for you. Many of our plastic surgery patients avail themselves of this opportunity.

Our offices are conveniently located in Puerto Plata at Centro Medico Bournigal, Approximately 15 minutes from Puerto Plata international Airport, and in Punta Cana, approximately 20 minutes from Punta Cana Intl Airport. When traveling to the Dominican Republic for your plastic surgery, we will assist you every step of the way, whether you come by yourself or with loved ones.

Step One - Contact Dr. Redondo's Office

1. Fly-In For A Personal Consultation And Exam (for the person who will travel to DR more than once who may prefer to meet with Dr. Redondo and staff before making any decisions) or

2. Request a free consultation online Fill our New Patient Form, and we will get in contact with you (for the person who would like to combine consultation and surgery in one trip to Dominican Republic.) In either case, Dr. Redondo will meet with you, or review your photographs prior to plastic surgery, and arrange a consultation. You will be contacted by Dr. Redondo’s staff and they will advise you of all applicable fees, as well as the plan for the surgery. Our staff will also suggest hotel and/or post-operative care accommodations, as well as discuss your proposed length of stay in the Dominican Republic.

Step Two - Scheduling

Once you have determined that you wish to proceed with the proposed surgery, we may then schedule your procedure. We required for three (3) different dates for performing the surgery, First you will meet Dr. Redondo where you we will discuss all techniques that will be used on your surgeries and answer all your questions. You will be then ask for all the medical exams and set up for Your clinical interview with our Cardiologist, all this will be perform on the same day of your first Consultation with dr. Redondo.

The day before your surgery you will meet again with Dr. Redondo to review your tests, and to perform all Surgical Markings. Our staff and you will decide on a mutually convenient date. A deposit (payable by check or credit card) will be required to secure the date the same will be used to pay for your exams and preoperative cardiovascular evaluation. A final payment will be collected at the pre-operative visit.

For your convenience we accept all major credit card. A packet containing copies of all consents and instructions is mailed to you upon scheduling, so that you can review these at your leisure and thus be fully prepared. You should allow one hour for your preoperative visit so that all questions can be answered. All patients are given the option of having their surgery performed in one of our hospitals, where every measure will been taken to ensure the comfort and safety of each patient. You may choose from the following medical centers where Dr. Redondo is on staff:


  • Centro Medico Bournigal at Puerto Plata
  • Centro Medico Punta Cana at Punta Cana
Step Three - Recovery

Our staff and you will discuss the length of time that is necessary to stay in the Dominican Republic after your surgery. The amount of time varies, depending on the operation that you choose, and the length of travel.

It is important to allow for the proper amount of time in the DR to ensure a healthy and safe recovery. We want your trip home to be a pleasant one, and that means following all of our guidelines. Your post-operative visits will be concentrated into the required length-of-stay. Your health and safety will remain our number one priority.

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